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As the Internet has expanded over the years, transactions that once took several days or even weeks have sped up to occur overnight. The lending industry has evolved to process and transfer loan funds extremely quickly so that borrowers may resolve financial emergencies as soon as possible. While these industry changes have aided many in financial dire straits, there are some online lending companies that have capitalized on these stressful situations through hidden fees and inflexible repayment schedules.

At RISE, we understand that the last thing you need in a financial emergency is an online loan company exploiting your situation. Honesty, transparency, and fairness are deeply engrained in our culture, and we provide you with financial information to keep you on your feet after your debts are repaid. To further understand online lending, check out some of our resources listed below and learn to borrow intelligently. 

Pay off your loan early without penalty

You can pay off your online loan in installments — or you can pay it all off at any time with no penalties. Unlike many financial institutions, we allow, and even encourage you, to pay off your loan early to reduce the amount you pay. 

How RISE can help

RISE offers online loans to help manage some of life’s financial surprises. Apply safely and confidentially online today and you could receive $500 to $5,000 in your checking account by the next banking day*.

We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling when unexpected expenses arise from medical emergencies, home or vehicle repairs, or even the occasional unusually high utility bill. Next time a bill catches you off-guard, remember that an online loan can be a solution. 

Have your payments scheduled conveniently for you

How many times have your bills come before payday? We take away that frustration by trying to structure your repayment schedule to align with your pay dates. It’s as simple as that.

Set up automatic payments to make your life easy

Enroll in our automatic payment plan with your checking account and never have to remember due dates, write checks or worry if your payment came in time via mail. We’ll even send you a friendly reminder email before each payment due date.

How your payments and repayment plan are structured

Your payment amount depends on the total loan amount, charges, and repayment schedule (i.e., weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.).

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Rates That Go Down Over Time

Rates That Go Down Over Time**

Borrow on Your Own Terms

Borrow on Your Own Terms

5-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

5-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

Free Credit Score Plus

Free Credit Score Plus