When an emergency strikes, you need money fast. RISE’s installment loans in Wisconsin have a $300 to $5,000 borrowing limit, 60% to 299% APR, and you can get money in your account within one business day.* Apply online, find out if you’re approved in minutes, and get the money you need to cover emergency expenses.

RISE is an online lender

RISE is an online lender that specializes in lines of credit and unsecured installment loans for those who don’t have perfect credit. A RISE installment loan isn’t intended to be a fix-all for your long-term financial needs, but it could be a good option if you’re faced with an emergency expense and need to borrow money fast.

Common uses for a RISE loan include medical bills, auto and home repairs, and unexpected emergency expenses. In many cases, a RISE installment loan could be a better option than payday loans in Wisconsin.


RISE installment loans in Wisconsin

Like other unsecured installment loans, when you take out a RISE installment loan in Wisconsin, you agree to repay the money over time. Unlike with a secured loan, such as an auto title loan or pawn loan, you don’t need to put your personal property at risk.

 You’ll know the terms of the loan, your payment amounts, and when you’ll pay off the loan up front. Additionally, RISE loans come with a five-day guarantee: if you take out a RISE loan and then change your mind, you can return the loan within five business days and won’t pay any fees.

While your loan terms can vary based on your individual situation, all RISE loans in Wisconsin feature the following:

 Apply online and get funds in your account within one business day.*

  • You could be approved for $300 to $5,000
  • Repay the loan over a 7 to 36-month term.
  • The loan will have a 60% to 299% annual percentage rate (APR).
  • Prepay the loan at any time without paying any additional fees or interest.


Why RISE could be better than online payday loans in Wisconsin

If you have no credit or poor credit, you may be looking at a payday loan as a quick solution to financial troubles. While a payday loan might provide temporary relief, it might not be the best (or cheapest) option.

 Some payday loan borrowers may find themselves taking out additional loans to pay off their original payday loan, and they could wind up repaying the debt for much longer than they anticipated.

 According to the State of Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions, in 2017, the average APR on payday loans in Wisconsin was 495.50%.** By contrast, RISE’s installment loans in Wisconsin have a maximum APR of 299%.


Continue your financial education with RISE

In addition to offering loans, RISE creates and shares a variety of personal finance tools and resources. You can visit the financial wellness center, where you’ll find downloadable budget spreadsheets and educational videos.

 You can also get free access to RISE’s Credit Score Plus program. After signing up, you can monitor one of your TransUnion credit scores for free. You’ll receive free credit monitoring as well.

 To learn more about RISE, visit the FAQ and read about when RISE may be a good fit for your financial needs.

 If you’re interested in learning more about RISE’s loans in Wisconsin, check out the What it Costs page and select Wisconsin from the dropdown menu.








** See the Wisconsin Guide to Payday Loans