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Quick Application Process

With an easy online application process, RISE can help you get cash in your account as soon as tomorrow*.

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Borrow on Your Own Terms

With RISE, you borrow what you need, when you need it. And our flexible payment scheduling lets you choose your own terms. You can even pay off early with no extra fees. Now that’s flexible.

 State restrictions apply to payment schedule options.

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5-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

Don’t worry, you can change your mind. You have five business days from the time you take your loan or advance.

 If you decide that the loan isn’t right for you, simply call us, repay the principal and there will be no fees.


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Free Credit Score Plus

Knowing where you want to go financially starts with knowing where you stand. Check your TransUnion® credit score and receive credit alerts for free, and start working toward a better financial you. 


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For millions of working Americans, RISE is a better way to borrow.




You’re not alone in this. Did you know 50% of Americans don’t have $2,000 saved for an emergency1? We’re here to help hard working people take the steps they need to get in control of their finances and keep making progress.

1 The National Bureau of Economic Research, “Financially Fragile Households: Evidence and Implications,” May 2011

We're not just here to lend money fast. We’re here because we believe in you.




For those without access to lower-cost credit products, RISE is a better way to borrow. We want to help our customers with the cash they need today, and work with them as they build a better financial future. That’s the RISE difference. 


Here are a few ways that RISE is different:

      1. We offer tools to help customers understand their credit and develop better money habits.
  1. We report payments to a major credit bureau, enabling customers to demonstrate positive financial behavior.
  2. With Credit Score Plus, we provide your credit score and credit alerts for free to help customers track their progress.

Nobody can dramatically change their financial situation overnight, but RISE can help Americans look forward to a stronger financial future.