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Free Tools to Build Your Credit

You can’t improve your credit without first knowing where you’re at and where you need to go. Which means before anything else, take the time to check your score and get credit alerts today. It’s free with Credit Score Plus!

Don’t understand all of these terms? That’s okay! Check out our Financial Terms Glossary for more information.

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Receive Free Credit Alerts

Credit Score Plus allows you to instantly check your TransUnion credit score for free. No purchase or credit card required!
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What’s a Credit Score

Your credit score impacts whether you’re approved or denied for credit and even whether you qualify for getting utilities...

Build Better Money Habits

Knowing smart money habits leads to a brighter financial future. And our financial tools, along with a better understanding of your finances, will make managing your money easier.
Financial wellness - Build better money habits


Use this free budgeting tool to help you start tracking your money and see exactly where your money is going every month.


Get help setting saving goals so you can manage life’s unexpected surprises with this free download.

Debt Management

Manage debt better by using this interactive tracker. Just enter your information and watch it go to work.

Stay Informed

These quick reference videos help cover the basics of borrowing, saving, and spending so that you can feel confident when making choices that impact your financial future.

Your Questions Answered

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RISE sent me an offer that I did not request. Will my credit score be damaged by you getting my name from a credit reporting agency and sending me an offer?
You say that taking out a RISE loan can help rebuild my credit, but I have also heard using alternative credit products can hurt my credit. Which is true?