RISE’s Mississippi installment loans let you borrow $600 to $2,500 and get cash in your account by the next business day.* Cover your emergency now and repay the loan over six to 12 months.

What is RISE?

RISE is an online lender that offers installment loans and lines of credits to borrowers across the country.


If you need cash fast, RISE has Mississippi loans that could get funds in your account by the next business day.* You can use the money for almost anything—a car repair, a medical emergency, bills, or even to consolidate high-interest loans and save money.


A snapshot of RISE’s loans in Mississippi:


  • Borrow $600 to $2,500
  • Your loan could have a 6-month to 12-month term
  • Your loan’s APR can range from 60% to 290% APR


You could find out your specific loan offer within minutes of applying online. All of RISE’s loans also have a few features that you may find helpful:


  • There’s no fee to apply, and there are no prepayment penalties or fees.
  • If you decide you don’t need the loan, repay the amount you borrowed within five days and you won’t pay any fees. It’s our five-day, risk-free guarantee.
  • Unlike some other lenders, RISE reports your payments to one of the national consumer credit bureaus. Your on-time payments could help you build credit.


Even if you don’t wind up borrowing with RISE, you may want to review our financial wellness site, where you can learn about building credit, practicing healthy money habits, and find tips and tricks for saving money.


Online installment loans versus online payday loans in Mississippi

In Mississippi, installment loans like the ones that RISE offers aren’t your only option if you need cash quickly. You may be able to turn to friends or family, use a credit card, ask your employer for an advance, or look for assistance from a local charitable organization. Some of these options may be less expensive than a loan from RISE, and you should explore all your options before borrowing money.


However, a payday loan will often be more expensive than other types of loans. The state does regulate storefront and online payday loans in Mississippi, and there are limits to how much you can borrow and how much the lender can charge you—but they can still be expensive.**


By comparison, a credit card might have an APR of around 30%, and RISE’s Mississippi loan has an APR range of 60% to 290%.


Build credit while repaying your RISE loan

Another potential issue with storefront or online payday loans in Mississippi is that your payments generally aren’t reported to the credit bureaus. As a result, your on-time payments won’t help you build credit and qualify for lower-rate loans in the future.


However, if you fall behind on bills, the lenders could still send your account to collections, the collection agency may report your account to the bureaus, and that could hurt your credit. 


RISE reports accounts and payments to TransUnion, and making on-time payments with a RISE loan could help you build a good credit history.


If you want to track your progress, RISE has a free program called Credit Score Plus that lets you monitor one of your credit scores based on your TransUnion credit report.





** See this brochure about payday loans in Mississippi from the Mississippi Department of Banking and Consumer Finance