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RISE | FinWise

When an emergency strikes and you need money fast, an online loan could be your best option.

Online emergency loans

An emergency can strike at any time. Perhaps your tire blows out on the way to work or a loved one needs to visit the emergency room. No matter the circumstances, money can be a major concern.  


Emergency loans can quickly give you the funds you need to pay for an emergency expense or cover your regular bills while you’re dealing with the situation.


With an online loan, you can complete the entire application and funding process without having to visit a bank branch. It’s convenient and lets you focus your limited time and energy on the emergency at hand.


An online loan from RISE and FinWise Bank

In South Dakota, RISE and FinWise Bank are working together to offer online installment loans.


The loans have a fixed interest rate, and you’ll know your term, payment amounts, and total cost of borrowing before you take out the loan. If you change your mind, or your circumstances change, you can also return the loan principal within five business days and won’t pay any fees.


Here are the basics:

  • Loan amounts range from $500 to $5,000
  • Terms go from 7 months to 26 months
  • The loan’s annual percentage rate (APR) will be 99% to 149% APR.


Your eligibility, rates, and terms can vary depending on your creditworthiness. Submit an application, and you’ll generally get the result in a matter of minutes.


Once you’re approved for a RISE loan from FinWise Bank, you can either accept your full offer or choose a lower amount.  FinWise Bank encourage you to only borrow what you need and can afford to repay.


Additionally, Risecredit.com has tools and resources that everyone can use to improve their financial knowledge.


These include downloadable budgeting resources, a glossary of important financial terms, and the free Credit Score Plus program, which lets you track one of your TransUnion credit scores and comes with free TransUnion credit report monitoring.  


Comparing online loans

You may be pressed for time during an emergency, but comparing your loan options could still be a good idea.


A RISE online loan from FinWise Bank isn’t the cheapest form of credit, but it could be a better option than taking out a payday loan or overdrawing your account. RISECredit.com also offer some favorable features that may make  FinWise Bank loan a better option than other online loans, including:

  • No application, origination, or prepayment fees
  • Quick online application and approval process
  • You could get the money by the next business day*


Think RISE by FinWise Bank’s online loans in South Dakota could work for you?


* Applications processed and approved before 6pm ET are typically funded the next business day.  To obtain credit, you must apply online and have a valid checking account and email address. Approval for credit and the amount for which you may be approved are subject to minimum income requirements and vary by state.