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What is an online loan?

Online loans help hard-working Americans borrow money — fast. Going to the bank for a loan often means wasting hours (or even days!) waiting to be approved and receive funds. With an online loan, you can apply and quickly receive an approval decision, often within minutes. An online loan could be a good option for anyone who needs fast cash and can repay the loan with regular payments. Plus, if you’re working on building your credit, making consistent, on-time payments on your online loan can help you improve your credit score over time.


What makes RISE online loans different?

For many people, online loans at RISEcredit.com offer a great way to get funds quickly and start building toward a better financial future. Here's what makes RISEcredit.com different:

Borrow on-Your Own Terms

Borrow on Your Own Terms

Our flexible terms let you choose a payment schedule that works best for you.

 State restrictions apply to payment schedule options.

5-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

Change your mind? No problem! You have five days to return the principal without paying any additional fees.

Free Credit Score Plus

Instantly Check Your Credit Score for Free

Get free access to your credit score plus free credit monitoring alerts with Credit Score Plus!


The advantages of online installment loans.

For those without access to lower-cost credit products, RISE is a better way to borrow. We want to help our customers with the cash they need today, and work with them as they build a better financial future. That’s the RISE difference. 





RISE  Online LoanPayday Loan 

5-day risk-free guarantee.     


Flexible payment scheduling lets you choose your own terms.



Payments reported to a major credit bureau, enabling customers to demonstrate positive financial behavior.



 † State restrictions apply to payment schedule options 

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Online Loans FAQs

Online Loans FAQs

Before you begin shopping for a loan online, check your credit score. Once you know your score, research your options online to determine what loans are available for borrowers in your credit range. Many online lenders now make it easy for you to get a quote without any impact to your credit score. It’s also a good idea to see if there are any loans within your desired range that you prequalify for. Though prequalification is not a guarantee that you’ll be approved for a loan, it does mean you have a good chance of approval. Finally, when comparing all your options, pay close attention to repayment terms and any possible additional fees, such as prepayment penalties. The loan you choose should meet your immediate financial needs while still offering terms that are reasonable for your situation and budget.

To apply for an online loan, you’ll need to gather personal data such as your valid I.D., social security number and bank account information. You may also be asked to provide additional documentation depending on your financial situation and how much you’re looking to borrow. Once you’re ready, make sure to read online reviews to find the right loan and loan terms for your specific needs.

Applying for an online loan at RISEcredit.com is quick, intuitive and easy. Just a few things are required to apply:

  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • You live in a state where online loans are offered.
  • You have a job or regular source of income.
  • You have an active and valid checking account (savings and prepaid accounts not accepted).
  • You have an email address where you can receive account information.

After you submit your online loan application, your results will be available in a matter of minutes. In some instances, you may be asked to provide additional information. If you’re approved, you then choose how much you want to borrow (based on the amount you’ve been approved for) and your repayment terms.

Applying for a loan means that lenders will be checking out your credit history and credit score. Checking your rate at RISEcredit.com will result in a soft inquiry on your credit report. Soft inquiries do not affect your credit score. Completing your loan application results in a hard inquiry on your credit report and may affect your overall credit score.**

In general, higher credit scores will yield better offers with better rates. However, there are lenders who offer online loans for individuals with less-than-perfect credit. Before you apply for a new loan, make sure to consider your needs, compare your options and read the fine print of any loan offer before signing on the dotted line.