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RISE’s online loan application makes the process simple for former customers who need money for an emergency. Former RISE customers in North Dakota may be able to borrow $1,250 to $5,000, repay the loan over time, and will know the total cost and payment amounts upfront. Plus, with direct deposit, you could have the money in your account within one business day.*

Loans in North Dakota are only available to former RISE customers on a limited basis.


RISE, an online-only lender, offers installment loans to borrowers who may have a hard time qualifying for a personal loan from a traditional lender.


But RISE does more than just help people access funds when they need an emergency loan. RISE may help borrowers improve their overall financial situation by offering financial education resources and reporting borrowers payments to one of the major credit bureaus.


Applying for RISE’s North Dakota Loans

Loans in North Dakota are only available to former RISE customers on a limited basis. You can apply for a RISE loan online, and RISE will generally tell you if you’re approved within minutes. Plus, with RISE you will always know the loans terms before you accept. And if you accept an offer, you could have the money in your account by the within one business day.*


While RISE offers loans across the country, the loan terms can vary depending on where you live. Loans in North Dakota are only available to former RISE customers on a limited basis. The specific loan offer you receive can also depend on your credit and income.


In North Dakota, your RISE installment loan could fall within the following ranges:


  • You can borrow $1,250 to $5,000
  • You can repay the loan over eight to 23 months
  • The loan will have an interest rate of 36%


You also have some flexibility with your loan. For example, even if you’re approved for $5,000, you don’t need to accept the full amount.


General benefits of a RISE loan

As with all its loans, RISE doesn’t charge an application or origination fee on its North Dakota loans. There also aren’t any prepayment penalties and repaying your loan early could help you save money. 


You’ll know exactly how long it will take to repay the loan before you receive the money, as well as your payment amounts and loan terms. If you decide to take out a loan and then change your mind, RISE has a five-day, risk-free guarantee. Meaning, you can return the money within five business days of loan origination without having to pay any fees.


Additionally, if you’re looking to improve your credit scores, taking out a RISE loan and making on-time payments could help. RISE reports borrowers payments to 2 major credit bureaus, which may help you build credit.


Better than a payday loan in North Dakota?

A RISE loan isn’t a cheap form of credit, but RISE focuses on loans for borrowers who may not qualify for low-rate loans from other lenders. Some of these borrowers may be considering a storefront or online payday loan in North Dakota—but consider RISE first.


It’s important to know that in North Dakota payday loans are limited to a maximum loan amount of $500. This may not be enough for many borrowers. Also, Payday lenders generally don’t report your payments to the bureaus. As a result, repaying a payday loan won’t help improve your credit scores.


Learn more with RISE

In addition to offering loans, RISE is actively working to improve borrowers financial education and wellness. It has built and offers free tools and resources that you could use to learn more about managing debt, saving money, and building credit.


If you want to take an active role in tracking your credit, you can also sign up for RISE’s free Credit Score Plus which lets you check one of your TransUnion credit scores. The score is updated every 30 days, and the service also comes with free TransUnion credit monitoring.


You can learn more about RISE loans on the FAQ page, and by selecting North Dakota on the What it Costs page.