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Installment loans are available in Louisiana

FinWise Bank now partners with RISE to offer Louisiana residents an online loan option. 

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What borrowing options does RISE offer in Louisiana?

Over the past several years, RISE loans by FinWise Bank have helped hundreds of thousands of hard-working Americans secure next-day online loans. Louisiana residents can finally take advantage of the countless benefits that RISE borrowers in other states have enjoyed for years:

  • Easy and fast application process. Apply from anywhere with an internet connection and get your approval decision within minutes.
  • $0 application fee. We want to help you overcome financial hardship—not make it more difficult by charging you to apply. 
  • No hidden fees or surprises. After qualifying for a RISE installment loan by FinWise Bank, Louisiana borrowers can see payment terms, conditions, and a personalized payment schedule—all before signing on the dotted line. 
  • Get cash fast. Once you accept the terms and conditions of your RISE loan by FinWise Bank, you’ll receive funds in your checking account as soon as the next business day. 
  • Five-day risk-free guarantee. From the time you accept your RISE online loan by FinWise Bank, you have five days to change your mind. Simply return the loan, repay the principal, and walk away. No fees, no risk, no kidding.
  • Credit Bureau Reporting. You’d be surprised how many payday lenders provide short-term loans in Louisiana and never report payment activity to credit agencies. But RISE does report payment activity to TransUnion and Experian. Because we believe in giving borrowers the opportunity to build towards a stronger financial future.

While individual rates and terms will vary depending on factors such as income and credit scores, RISE installment loans in Louisiana from FinWise Bank will fall somewhere within the following ranges:

  • Loan Amount: Borrow $500 to $5,000
  • Interest Rate: 99% - 149%

Find out how much you’ll qualify for and at what rate by filling out our secure online application.

Another great feature is that RISECredit.com and FinWise Bank allow borrowers to set their own payment terms. You can borrow the money you need when you need it and help determine payment due dates. Flexible payment scheduling also means you can pay off your installment loan early without being penalized by prepayment fees. 

Because RISE loans through FinWise Bank do not have prepayment penalties, you can always opt for a long-term loan to start, and pay it off early if your situation allows it.

We are committed to:

  • Reporting payment behavior to TransUnion and Experian so borrowers can improve credit
  • Educating the public with free personal finance tools and resources
  • Helping customers track their progress with FREE Credit Score Plus
  • Giving more people access to the cash they need when they need it

Learn more about RISE loans through FinWise Bank or apply today for your next-day* installment loan in Louisiana. 

FinWise Bank now partners with RISE to offer Louisiana residents an online loan option.