Maybe you’re dealing with an urgent car repair or facing a major medical bill—whatever the case, you need money fast and can’t afford to wait days or weeks for a loan. RISE offers instant loans for financial emergencies, unexpected expenses and more. You can get cash in your account as soon as tomorrow and choose your own terms*. Plus, RISE has an easy online application process and rates that go down over time**. At RISE, we’re committed to helping you build a better financial future: We also offer free access to credit monitoring and financial wellness tools.

Fast loans for when you need cash in a hurry

RISE can help you get the money you need ASAP with a cash loan. Here’s how:



Fast online loans > Quick application and speedy approval!

When you apply online with RISE, all you need to do is fill out a simple application and we’ll let you know if you’re approved in just seconds.



Fast online loans > Funds in a hurry
Applications processed and approved before 6pm ET are typically funded electronically the next business day. With other types of loans, the approval and funding process can take 7 days, or even longer if there’s a delay with your paperwork!





With a RISE loan, you get plenty of time to pay it back

We’ll get you the money you need quickly--but we also make sure you have enough time to pay it back. Our repayment terms range from 4 to 26 months, depending on the state where you live. For many borrowers, the longer time frame and no early payment penalty makes repayment more manageable than a payday loan, which is due when you receive your next paycheck.


RISE: A better way to borrow

At RISE, we help our customers with the cash they need today, and work with them to build a stronger financial tomorrow—that’s the RISE difference.

In addition to a simple online application process and cash in your account as soon as tomorrow*, we also empower you to create a better financial future. RISE is here to help you:

• Build credit: With free Credit Score Plus, we’ll give you instant access to your credit score plus free credit alerts and financial education tools to help you build better money habits and improve your financial future.

• Rates that go down over time**: RISE encourages you to get out of debt as soon as possible, however if you need additional credit you may see a 50% drop in your rate on future loans or advances after making 24 months of scheduled payments (excluding customers with starting rates of less than 75%). Even better,     after 12 additional months of payments, you may qualify for a 36% rate.