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Below are a few of our customers most frequently asked questions. Want to know something else? Contact us anytime.


What is required to apply for a loan?

You must have a job or proven source of income, email address, verifiable phone, an active and valid checking account and be at least 18 years of age*. (All signed loan agreements are subject to verification of prior loan history and application data).

*Alabama residents must be at least 19 years of age.

Some RISE customers may be asked to provide proof of income documents. States like Illinois require all customers to do so. Click here to learn more about submitting proof of income.

How do I get my application results?

The results will be available in a matter of seconds when you submit your application in most cases. Once approved, you can choose how much you want to borrow up to your approved amount.

Loan Information

How much can I borrow?

Our loans range in most cases from $500 to $5,000 - depending on the laws of your state. You may be eligible for an increase to the loan amount depending on your payment history. Details vary by state. Click Loan Cost and Terms for more information.

How soon can I get my money?

We complete application verification at 5:00 PM CT. If approved, your funds should arrive at your bank the following day (M-F excluding bank holidays). Contact the ACH department of your bank to verify that the funds have been credited to your account.

Applications received after 5:00 PM CT are accepted the next business day.

Funding Chart

How much does it cost?

Details vary by state. Click Loan Cost and Terms for more information on the terms in your state.

What if I change my mind and no longer need the loan?

You may rescind your loan at no charge as long as you return the loan proceeds within the number of days specified in your loan agreement.

Payment Options

What are my payment options?

Details vary by state. Click Loan Cost and Terms for more information on the terms in your state.

What happens if I do not make a payment by the due date?

For your convenience, if you have chosen the ACH Debit Authorization option, payments will be electronically debited from your checking account unless you make alternate arrangements. Please contact Customer Support if you’re unable to make a payment by the due date. In most states interest will continue to accrue on overdue amounts when you miss a payment.


How is my personal information protected?

See the Security section of our site to learn more about how we protect your personal information.

RISE Rewards

What are RISE Points?

RISE Rewards allows you to receive points by participating in various activities and transactions with your RISE account, such as completing a Financial U course or making timely loan payments. Accrued points can be used to lower your rate on your existing or future RISE loan. Visit My Account to see your current point balance and view Terms and Conditions. The RISE Rewards Program is not available in every state; eligibility for the Rewards Program is subject to RISE's discretion.

How do I earn points?

We currently offer the following ways to earn points:

Activity Points
Welcome points 500 pts
Each on-time payment (150 points for monthly customers) 75 pts
Each Financial U course taken 50 pts
Complete 5 Financial U courses 50 pt bonus
Pay extra principal 25 pt bonus
Pay before your due date 25 pt bonus
Enroll in Credit Score Plus 100 pts
Happy Birthday 100 pts

What can I do with my points?

Points are accumulated and when you reach a milestone you may redeem your points to lower your rate on your existing or future RISE loan. We currently offer the following discounts:

Points Discount%
1,000 5%
2,000 10%
3,000 15%
5,000 20%
7,000 35%
10,000 50%

How do I use my RISE Rewards?

Once you are eligible for a discount, a message will be displayed on your My Account dashboard and we will send you an email. If you have a RISE loan you must log in to your account to redeem your reward. If you already have a RISE loan with less than 4 payments left before payoff, the discount will be automatically applied to your next loan. Generally, a discount for a new loan will automatically be applied through the application process.

Note that accepting a discount does not deduct points from your RISE Rewards balance. You will continue to add points and grow your balance so you can earn better discounts.

What is Financial U?

Financial U is an online learning center that teaches basic financial concepts and offers helpful tips for creating healthy financial habits. Access to online courses, interactive tools and other resources is free for all RISE customers. You can even get rewarded for successfully graduating from Financial U! Rewards are subject to eligibility requirements. Visit Financial U to view the Reward Terms & Conditions, and to learn more.

Credit Score Plus

What is Credit Score Plus?

Credit Score Plus is a free service offered by RISE that provides any RISE account holder a view of their TransUnion® credit score. This service includes credit alert notifications and details that can be viewed through your account. Visit and click on Free Credit Score Plus to enroll any time.

Is Credit Score Plus really free?

Yes! We will not ask for a subscription or payment fee from you, ever. RISE gladly pays for your access to your own credit score at any time, with your score updated every 30 days.

Rest assured that your credit information is never stored or saved by RISE, and is viewable to you and you alone.

Where does my credit score come from?

The credit score is developed by TransUnion® from information in a consumer's credit report. It is calculated on a scale of 300 to 850. The TransUnion® score is calculated with an algorithm taking into account factors of an individual's credit such as on-time payment percentage, length of credit history, number of credit lines, and more. Like other scoring models, TransUnion® New Account simply uses a mathematical formula, plus the credit report, to assess how likely the customer is to pay their debts.

What are credit alerts?

When you receive notification of a credit alert, you are being informed of new information added to your credit report that may impact your credit score. Details of your alerts can be viewed on the Credit Score Plus page within My Account.

I think there is wrong information connected to my score. What should I do?

If you receive an alert with information that is incorrect or is unknown to you, you should immediately contact the source provider of the alert. For example, if a new credit card account has been opened in your name that you did not apply for, contact the credit card company.


What happens when I refinance my loan?

When you are approved for a refinance you will receive a new loan which will be used to pay off your current balance and then we’ll send the remaining cash to you!

How much money could I get?

When you are approved for a refinance you will qualify for at least the same amount of money that you were approved for on your previous loan application. Some customers may qualify for higher credit lines. Refinance approval is based on your current application information.

When am I eligible to apply for refinancing?

Customers are eligible to apply for a refinance based on their payment history with RISE. Repeated timely payments of at least the minimum due will help you qualify.

Will my rate or payments change?

You are getting a new loan so your APR, loan schedule and payment amount may change from what it is today. You can review all of this information after you apply, on the Design Your Loan page. The complete disclosure of APR, fees and payment terms will be provided in your new Loan Agreement.

Do I need to sign a new loan agreement?

Yes, this will be a new loan. In order to obtain the funds, you must sign a loan agreement for the new loan amount.

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